Bus Driver Journal – May 2017

I returned to Bus Driver world for the past year in our local public school district.  It has been an adventure for sure!  And ... truly an eye opener. Sheryl and I have lived and worked in Pascagoula, Mississippi for a cumulative 40-plus years.  We married here, left our sleepy-little-town-of-Pascagoula in the early 90s for … Continue reading Bus Driver Journal – May 2017


If Two Agree

"I also tell you this:  If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in Heaven will do it for you." - Matthew 18:19 NLT Amen. I agree. That's right. Go ahead. I'm IN. Let's do this. Agreement:   a) harmony of opinion, action, or character;  b) the act or … Continue reading If Two Agree

Chain Breaker

So ... I'm a musician.  More specifically, I'm a Southern-bred musician from Small Town USA in South Mississippi.  Country.  Bluegrass.  Gospel.  Blues.  That's all my jam. I just discovered Zach Williams and The Reformation, a Memphis area band who make some really sweet rock-and-soul music.  His 2016 hit Chain Breaker is topping the Christian music … Continue reading Chain Breaker

Pascagoula: It’s TIME for Change — Again?!

Pascagoula is that "sleepy little town" located on the Mississippi Coast at the mouth of the Pascagoula River. Home to Ingalls Shipbuiding and her massive riverfront facilities; Signal International operations; one of the largest Chevron refineries; and of course other spin-off industry contractors, large regional and medium-market banks, and thousands of small businesses operating from … Continue reading Pascagoula: It’s TIME for Change — Again?!

2017 … And Not A Moment Too Soon!

It's here!   2017 ... and not a moment too soon! For my little family, the 2016 calendar year was one of our more difficult. We entered into the year, knowing that Sheryl's daddy would not be with us another year.  There were no hopeful New Year resolutions.  Everyday was filled with the grief, pain, … Continue reading 2017 … And Not A Moment Too Soon!

Christmas JOY

What fills your heart and soul [your thoughts] at Christmas?  Joy .. Peace .. Cheer .. Parties .. Shopping .. Loneliness .. Fear .. Depression? For some, Christmas is the ultimate year-end high.  The most wonderful time of the year. For some, Christmas is yet another dark day on the calendar.  An insidious lurking reminder … Continue reading Christmas JOY